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As a Family Photographer, celebrating relationships through art is a mission to me. When I opened Ella Heath Portrait Boutique years ago I promised myself I would create something memorable for husband and wife during each portrait session. During the design phase of my sessions, I always ask my clients when they were last professionally photographed as a couple. Most of the time the answer is "our wedding day" or "before our first child was born"... That answer does not surprise me but it makes me think. We are the Foundation of our families yet we often forget to celebrate our Love outwardly.  As life gets busier, it is especially important to be intentional in how we express ourselves.  A portrait is a visible statement of what is really important to us and a tangible sign of the legacy we leave behind to our children and this world. Our children need these portraits more than we realize!  Coming from a broken family, I still remember how, when at night when I was just five years old, I would hold in my hands a small framed portrait of my parents together... while I had peacefully accepted that my parents would never get back together, I needed to know I came from Love and that love, although transformed, remained in a visible way; that little photograph meant and still means a lot to me.

Again this year, I want to thank our AMAZING clients and wish them a wonderful Valentine's Day. Here are our favorite 2017 couple portraits. To help them win all you have to do is: Sign-up for our Newsletter and vote for your favorite couple by FILLING OUT THE FORM BELOW. Then LIKE our Facebook Page (if you have not already done so) so you can see the announcement on Saturday 02/17/18 at 8pm (Central Time). LAST CHANCE TO VOTE IS Friday 02/16/2018 at midnight (Central Time). 

2018 Valentine Day Contest The Woodlands


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Married couple Portrait kissing at sunset in The Woodlands.jpg

The Courtney Family: The Woodlands tx Family Photographer

It has been extraordinarily chilly here in  Texas this week! It actually snowed in The Woodlands and all over Houston! It seems like the perfect time for hot cocoa, warm slippers, Trader Joe's snowflakes pasta... and blogging. I have so many wonderful Family Portraits to write about but I'd like to start with one whose Wall Art I have just delivered last week: The Courtney Family!

Family Photo in The Woodlands Texas

fall portrait session: THE WOODLANDS tx, FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER

Jessica contacted me back in September to schedule a Family Photo Session in The Woodlands, TX. As I answered the phone and learned a bit about her, I knew immediately I would love her family.  Her personality, style and vision so much aligned with mine! As a family photographer, I work for families of all sizes, ages and life situations but those who call me to create their very first (in a long time) Family Portrait make my heart sing. Sometimes a family initially calls me thinking of Christmas cards to send to friends & family but as we dive into their story, their values and needs, it is often clear they long for something more: capturing connection and authenticity. They want to celebrate outwardly that strong bond of Love they have with each other in a tangible and visible way: a wall portrait is born... even before the image is printed on canvas, even before I pick up the camera, even before we choose a color palette, a timeless portrait that will outlive us is born within our vision.

One of the things that struck me about this family is how warm and loving they are. I remember asking Ed if there was one image from the past  that was particularly meaningful to him; he pulled out his phone and showed me an old photo of him holding his baby girl; it was the capture of a spontaneous moment and it meant the world to him. That answer determined how I decided to approach their portrait session. While I always create a few "formal" family portraits, my favorites are always those genuine and natural moments in which people are simply themselves. That's where I find Beauty -  authentic and natural beauty. "Every person is a Masterpiece" you see written all over my literature and my studio but I also believe every Family is a masterpiece in itself. The unique relationships, the love-language, the memories and values that make them "them" is so distinctive that they often do not even realize it. Things change ( kids grow, we move, we change jobs and cities, we learn and grow a few gray hairs....) but that Love remains strong and solid, it's our foundation. 

Mother and Daughter laughing in The Woodlands TX
Father and Daughter during photo session in The Woodlands TX
Family reading a book under sunset in The Woodland TX
Couple Kissing and Laughing in The Woodlands TX

Movement was another word I wanted to transmit during this session. I didn't have to create it, I just let it happen. Little L. danced, ran happily under a blanket, swang from a tree branch and then up in the air landing straight in daddy's arms... She is a darling, a special little girl with the biggest heart. She explores and takes-in the world safe and strong in her parent's love... such a joy to photograph her!

Mother and daughter reading a book in a park in The Woodlands Texas
Family Portraits in Sterling Ridge The Woodlands TX
Little Ballerina Dancing during a Photo session in The Woodlands TX
Father and Daughter having a blast in The Woodlands TX
Fun Family Photo session in a park in The Woodlands
Photography of a little girl in The Woodlands TX
Black & white photograph of a girl in The Woodlands TX
portraits in the living-room The Woodlands TX.jpg

Dear Courtney Family, thank You! I feel blessed I got to know your family and create these portraits for your home. I hope you'll always cherish them! I look forward to capturing many other chapters of your life! xo




Maddie Senior Session: The Woodlands Family Photographer

Overwhelmed with beauty! That's how I felt after Maddie's Senior Session in The Woodlands. As a professional photographer who specializes in Families, I am often asked to create some portraits for the high school seniors in the family. I so much enjoy seeing these young individuals blossom and reveal a bit of themselves, their personality and their dreams throughout the portrait session. I still remember vividly that period in my life. I remember the questions, the worries and my hopes. I remember how deep my first heartbreak was, how serious I was about my values and also how vulnerable I felt in front of an unknown world I wanted to explore...  

I was overjoyed when, a few months ago, a dear friend and client of mine called to schedule a portrait session for her beautiful niece who would be visiting from Maryland. And that's how I met Maddie...

beautiful high school senior in The Woodlands Texas

North Houston Senior Session: The Woodlands Professional Photography

What a wonderful senior session we had here in The Woodlands! The warm sunset light and the vivid colors that paint our summers made the perfect backdrop for these portraits. Despite the heat of our Houston summers, Maddie chose an outdoor portrait session and wished to include the things she loves the most: her sketchbook, colored pencils and an old copy of one of her favorite books "Gone with the wind" (a novel by Margaret Mitchell which I also devoured when I was her age). As I was photographing her, my eyes fell on a beautiful rose she was skillfully sketching... It took my breath away for a moment because it was just perfect: to me that unfinished rose represents Maddie. Her elegant and quiet demeanor, her apparent guard and the depth of her rich soul. Her story - just like that rose - is still to be drawn...

Maddie, I wish you all the best in this important year of your life! Thank you for letting me create these beautiful portraits for you! xo

Here are some of my favorites from Maddie's senior session...

high school senior dancing in a park in sterling ridge the woodlands
high school senior session in the woodlands texas
high school girl drawing in a park in the woodlands
Teenager reading a book in The Woodlands TX
beautiful teenager in a park in The Woodlands TX
John Cooper high school senior in Carlton Wood North Houston

Isabelle's Newborn Session | The Woodlands TX

Maybe I am a partial because I have a little Isabella at home... but I just fell in love with this precious Baby Girl and her family. Here are the highlights of Isabelle's Newborn Session done in my studio in The Woodlands TX earlier this year. 

Introducing Baby Isabelle....

Newborn Baby Girl The Woodlands TX.jpg

Isabelle's Newborn Session | The Woodlands TX Photographer

I met Baby Isabelle's mom, Kelly, (who is one of the wonderful Barre instructors at The Woodlands Yoga Pod) more than a year ago in a park in Sterling Ridge. Little did I know then that, when I ran a 1,000 Likes Giveaway on my Facebook page, Kelly would be the winner. I was so happy when I realized it was her! Since she was expecting her second daughter, it seemed natural to wait and plan this session around this important family milestone. We designed the session months earlier and worked together to create a look that would match her family's style, personality and home decor. Neutral colors are timeless, but a touch of pink was really called for in this family with two adorable little girls!

Mother and newborn The Woodlands TX
Siblings Girls Newborn The Woodlands Texas
Adorable Newborn Baby Smiling in The Woodlands TX

I do not know if I officially gained the Baby Whisperer title or I am just very blessed with children, but little newborn babies just sleep calmly in my arms; I think they know I am in my "happy place" with them and sometimes they give me the greatest smiles....

Just like most of my newborn sessions, Isabelle's Newborn Session in The Woodlands was such a dream... Baby Isabelle is so perfect and precious wrapped in pink and white. Here are some of my favorite portraits from this session.

Family Newborn Session Collage in The Woodlands Texas

I cannot wait to meet her and her family again this coming week when I finally get to hand-deliver their artwork! Thank you S. Family for letting me create these beautiful portraits for you. I know you will treasure them for a lifetime.


Ella Heath is a professional portrait photographer in The Woodlands, Texas. She serves The Woodlands, Conroe, Magnolia, Spring, Montgomery and North Houston. She specializes in family, newborn and professional branding portraits. To book Ella or learn more contact us to schedule a consultation today!

Multi-generational Photo Session | The Woodlands, TX

This multi-generational Photo Session may be one of my favorites this year! I was delighted when in March a lovely family in The Woodlands commissioned me to create a Family Portrait Session which would include Grandparents and two pets, preferably in a bluebonnet field nearby.

The Woodlands Family Photo Session

As most professional photographers in Houston TX, I am well aware that the window of time to capture our beautiful Texan flowers is very thin... time is of the essence because our gorgeous flowers come and go so quickly! After learning that this would be the very last family photo session before moving to Seattle, I started dreaming of romantic fields of bluebonnets, little cowboy boots, grandparents' hugs and dreamy portraits of the dogs.... I wanted this to be a memorable family outing for them!

Portrait of a child in a field of bluebonnet in Texas
Child in Bluebonnet Field Brenham TX

Problem is The Woodlands bluebonnet fields are typically all occupied by other hobbyists, nature lovers and photographers often with props. The answer had to be Brenham, Texas - a beautiful town in the countryside west of Houston which is the home of vast fields of wildflowers.

Multi-generational Photo Session | THE WOODLANDS PHOTOGRAPHER

The Woodlands Family Photo Session in Brenham TX

Creating this multi-generation photo session in Brenham, Texas was so much fun! The drive in itself is so pleasant, especially if you bring along your family, plan a special family outing for the kids and a delicious dinner in the old town after the photo session. (Later I will write about the adorable portraits I took of my kids while testing the light). It was a long drive but we truly enjoyed our two consecutive three-hours round trips from The Woodlands (one to scout the perfect location and one to do the actual photo session). Among the many fields I walked upon, I eventually settled for one that appeared more private and endless. The light reflecting on the vast field was so strong that we had to wait for the sun to set before I could even get my camera out of the case,  but the wait was well worth it: the delicate sunset colors seemed to be painted there for us.

These family portraits turned out just beautiful. As with all my family sessions, we had so much fun... among laughter, hugs and kisses I was able to capture a beautiful gallery of images that will remain a precious memory for this family as they move on to the next chapter in their life. Thank you K. Family for letting me create these for you! You hold a special place in my heart. 

Here are some of my many favorites from this memorable session....

Family In the Woodlands in bluebonnet field
The Woodlands Couple Portrait in bluebonnet field
Portrait of a Grandmother The Woodlands TX
Father and Daughter Playing The Woodlands

Would you like to know more?

Ella Heath is a professional portrait photographer in The Woodlands, just north of Houston, Texas. She serves The Woodlands, Conroe, Magnolia, Spring, Montgomery and North Houston. She specializes in family, newborn and professional branding headshots. To book Ella or learn more contact us to schedule a consultation today!

The Woodlands TX Newborn Photographer | Introducing Baby Silas

Finally some baby blue in my studio in the Woodlands, Texas! Introducing Baby Silas...  This precious bundle of joy came into the world so peaceful and strong... he slept most of the time and let me create some beautiful portraits for him and his family.  Truly a dream newborn session! 


Baby Silas: Newborn Session in The Woodlands, Texas.

I fall in love with all my newborn babies, I really do, especially when they bring with them some wonderful parents and the most adorable Big Sisters!

Newborn and Big Sister The WoodlandsTX

Silas's parents and I had met in The Woodlands months earlier to plan the session. We were all so excited to meet him! I truly enjoy styling the photo sessions so that each one reflects the family's own personality. Based on their classic home decor and style, for Silas's newborn session we chose a cream and light blue color palette. We shopped at Nordstrom and a few stores on Etsy to put together the perfect timeless look. 

Silas's artwork just arrived today from my lab in Italy and I cannot wait to hand deliver it to his family after this holiday weekend! I will make sure to share a post later next week. Here are some of my favorites from his newborn session. 

Newborn Baby Boy The WoodlandsTX
Mother and Newborn The WoodlandsTX
Baby Boy wrapped in blue The Woodlands TX
Family Newborn Session Collage The Woodlands TX
Newborn Baby in Basket Portrait The Woodlands TX
Newborn Family Session The Woodlands TX

If you are expecting a baby and would like to book a newborn session with Ella Heath Photography in the Woodlands, Texas, contact me to book or learn more! 



Summers in Texas can be a little intimidating... The hot and humid weather in Houston is not for the faint of heart! But Houston's weather has its own surprises and in the midst of some 100+ degrees days, we are also blessed with random mild days of cool breeze especially following a rainstorm - the air is fresh, the mist creates an almost magical setting and the landscape's colors are perfect for a photo session! In the past few years, Ella Heath Portrait Boutique had a few incredible summer family photo sessions here in The Woodlands, TX. And when the weather was truly unbearable, we created them in studio. In summer, The Woodlands becomes the perfect place for family gathering: the kids are typically back from college, grandparents visit and it's a wonderful opportunity to get everyone together to create some new family memories.

The Woodlands Family Session


One of my favorite sessions from last summer was the Sharkey Family. Four brothers, all so different, two coming back from Cornell University and two in summer break from John Cooper School. (If you live in The Woodlands, you may recognize them as they all have set some amazing records with their swimming talent). We planned this session at the last minute and almost had to cancel due to a sudden evening rainstorm. The rain did hit us in the middle of the session and at a certain point we were all snuggled under a large tree praying we would not get hit by a lightening... but that made us laugh so hard and we then got some of our favorite family portraits. I really loved photographing this family and I was especially moved by the tears of joy I saw at their ordering appointment (the time when we meet to select and design a wall portrait collection).

Something struck me while I was sitting there with them designing their wall art: the years we have with our children are truly precious and elusive. Sometimes in the midst of our daily routines, it is easy to forget that these years will pass with the blink of an eye. It's easy to focus on the million extracurricular activities, homework, sports, events and our own struggles forgetting that, as parents, we are given this precious window of time to enjoy and raise our children. They are a gift from God to us; we soon learn that we do not own our children but we are stewards of God's creation and are there to accompany them until they can walk on their own. (now excuse me for a second as I break to give my own children a hug...).

The Sharkeys did a wonderful job raising their kids and they are well aware that organizing a family photo session will be more and more difficult as these four young men write their own stories in the world. I am so glad I was there to capture these moments for them and celebrate their family legacy. The session turned exactly as I was hoping: classic, natural, filled with beauty, laughter and light.

If your kids are back home for the summer and you want Ella Heath to create some beautiful family photography for you, do not hesitate to contact us. Although we typically accept a limited number of commissions per month, we know these summer Family Photo Sessions mean the world to you and we will make room in our schedule for your family. 

  (wall portrait mock-up)

(wall portrait mock-up)

Contact Ella Heath today to book your consultation and plan your portrait session! 

The Woodlands, Texas | family photography: THE CASTILLO FAMILY

Last night I delivered a new family art collection to an amazing family in The Woodlands, Texas. This family photography session was planned since early this year and it was such a joy to finally see our vision become a reality; their wall portrait and beautiful leather coffee-table album are just beautiful!  I feel so blessed not only to have been chosen to create their portraits but also to get to know their truly inspiring story.  Cresta and Dennis commissioned me to create their very first Family Portrait. They wanted to celebrate with joy the answered prayers in their lives.  

The Woodlands TX Family Photo Session
  (mock-up of their wall portrait).

(mock-up of their wall portrait).


As we sat down for their design consultation back in March - among tears and laughter, wine and brownies - I was amazed to learn about their family… a true love story that came as a second marriage for both, a deep family heritage, a journey of faith, a healing and finally the gift of a “baby” girl who came after years of persevering prayer. Their love is tangible, their friendship authentic and their commitment to one another strong and rooted in faith. This is reflected in all the little details around their family life. I felt at home in their house and so honored to be able to walk them through “the portrait journey” with me. 

The portrait session was such a joyful day. A cool wind was blowing strong in North Houston and, if you know me a little, you know I love its presence in my photo sessions. To me the wind is that unexpected and unplanned divine element that pushes me beyond my vision and it reminds me that I am just a “paintbrush” in the Artist’s hand. What I see behind my camera never ceases to amaze me… I love Molly’s hair flowing in the air! The gentle caresses of the golden light on Cresta, the beautiful and natural couple portraits, the sweet Daddy-and-Me images, the sparkles in little Molly's eyes, the hugs and intimacy of this family...

The Woodlands Texas Family Photo Gallery

The portraits I delivered last night to their home will remain a legacy of love and a visual reminder of their family values. One day, as Molly grows up into a young woman and discovers the amazing model she has been given in her parents, they will be cherished even more.

The Woodlands Texas Couple Kiss at sunset in a park
The Woodlands Texas Child Portrait at sunset

Cresta and Dennis, thank you for choosing Ella Heath, Portrait Boutique and for making me part of your beautiful story! I cherish your friendship.

To book your portrait session with Ella Heath Photography or just to learn more, contact us today! 

Happy Mother's Day | Ella Heath Photography | The Woodlands, Texas

It has been a wonderful Spring here in The Woodlands, Texas. Houston has blessed us with a semi-cool breeze and Ella Heath Photography has been busy creating portraits for so many amazing families and professionals. As the summer months arrive, I will make sure to share with you some of my favorites, but in the meantime, I come here to share this little video I made to thank all the amazing Mothers I had the honor of photographing... they continue to inspire me every day with their passion, beauty and strength. You truly are a Masterpiece.

Happy Mother's Day!

To book your portrait session with Ella Heath Photography or just to learn more, contact us today! 

2017 VALENTINE's day portrait CONTEST - the woodlands, family photographer

This year I prepared something special for Valentine's Day. These 10 images below are some of my favorites from last year. I ask you to vote for your favorite. By doing so you will allow me to gift one of these couples a special gift. I will announce the WINNER on Valentine's Day! 


One year ago I promised myself I would create something especially beautiful for husband and wife during each Family session.  When I visit a family in the Woodlands for their pre-consultation, I always ask about the last time they have been professionally photographed together. Most of the time the answer is "our wedding day" or "our honeymoon" or "before our first child was born"... We are the foundation of our families yet we often forget to celebrate our Love outwardly.  As life gets busier, it is especially important to be intentional. Printed portraits on our walls or our desks are a tangible reminder of that.   (If you have not been professionally photographed with your spouse in a long time or wish to capture a new chapter of your life together, contact me! It's my passion and honor to create art for your family and your home). 

The Woodlands Texas Valentine Day Contest


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Woodlands, TX: BREASTFEEDING JOURNEY | the path of perseverance

A few hours ago, I published on my Facebook page this beautiful portrait I created in a recent family session in the Woodlands, Texas. It is not the first time that images like these are born completely unplanned during my photo sessions while the light seems to be there waiting to perfectly embrace Mother and Child. These portraits are always some of my favorite ones but I did not realize why until tonight....

tears and joy - north houston, texas photographer.

Sixteen months ago, I was desperately trying to nurse my newborn baby girl. I had patiently waited for my daughter for many years and as an expectant mother the first goal I had in mind was to be able to nurse her from birth. I longed for that important mother-daughter bond and never once imagined the trial in front of us. From the very first moment my daughter was born, breastfeeding felt natural yet very painful. I hoped it was just a temporary adjustment but things did not improve. After seeing my OBGYN, an ENT, three lactation consultants at both Memorial Hermann and St Luke (two of the most known Woodlands's hospitals), things were getting only more complicated. My tiny baby had jaundice, was lip and tongue-tie and I was in pain, sleep-deprived and recovering from my second c-section. Rationally I could understand it was not my fault, yet I felt so inadequate and mad at myself in these days. If you are a mother who is struggling or has struggled with breastfeeding, you will understand that feeling well...

I prayed and persevered. I am so glad I did! One day, somewhere between her 5th or 6th week of life, something miraculously clicked and I was finally able to gracefully nurse my baby girl. Nursing has been a joy since then. I love holding my daughter as she falls asleep peaceful and safe in my arms. I love her giggles, her big wide eyes, her angel caresses and how she plays with my hair as I nurse her. I know that in just a couple of months, it will be time to wean her and I am grateful we were able to bond this way.

Our children are only so little once, that is why I love nursing images like this one. Never hide it, you should be proud of it. The world needs to remember how we all start, even God chose to be that little once...

To book your portrait session with Ella Heath Photography or just to learn more, contact us today! 

The Woodlands, Texas, Newborn Photography: Baby Quinn Anthony

This fall season brought to my studio another beautiful baby boy to photograph! Let me introduce you to Baby Quinn Anthony...

The Woodlands Texas Newborn Baby Boy


Look at his perfect little smiles. This little one comes to this world with a peaceful and cheerful spirit... a dream to photograph! I hope that one day looking at that beautiful portrait of his Mama holding him so tiny he will see how immensely loved he has been since his first days!

Joining a family of all boys must be so much fun... I have a feeling these three will do great things together. Who best than TWO big brothers can teach you everything about life! 

 Oh baby Queen, I hope one day looking at this portrait of your beautiful Mama, holding you so tiny in her arms, you'll understand how immensely loved you are! 

Oh baby Queen, I hope one day looking at this portrait of your beautiful Mama, holding you so tiny in her arms, you'll understand how immensely loved you are! 

The Woodlands Newborn Baby Photography Session
 Coming in a family of all boys must be so fun! I bet these three will get along so well... who best than TWO big brothers to teach you everything about life?

Coming in a family of all boys must be so fun! I bet these three will get along so well... who best than TWO big brothers to teach you everything about life?

The Woodlands North Houston Newborn Photo session

If you are expecting a baby and would like to book a newborn session with Ella Heath Photography in the Woodlands, Texas, contact me to book or learn more! 

Baby Luke Newborn Session - The Woodlands, Texas

First newborn of the season in my studio in the Woodlands, Texas! After a wave of precious girls I finally had a little boy! Introducing Baby Luke….

The Woodlands Tx Newborn Baby


What a joy seeing this family again! Jaqui and Andrew were some of my first clients when I opened my photography studio in Texas. I will never forget their beautiful bluebonnet session in Montgomery, Texas as I shot while pregnant with my daughter (I will have to share a few portraits below). Their children are adorable and I am overjoyed that I got to meet and photograph their new precious addition, Baby Luke. One of the best things about being a family photographer is watching my clients grow and documenting their journey.

This black and white family portrait is probably my favorite  …. There is something that always gets me about this scene: looking back at all my images over the years, I see a fascinating and touching pattern: all the little girls who have just become "big sisters" first always look at their Mama instead of baby here… there are questions, wonder and awe in that sight. (Do not forget to give them a big hug and a kiss on that day!).

The Woodlands TX Newborn Family Session black and white

Here instead are some of my favorites from our first session in Montgomery, Texas.

If you are expecting a baby and would like to book a newborn session with Ella Heath Photography, contact me to book or learn more! 


I admit it. I have a special love for expectant Mothers. A woman expecting a child has a radiance that is not describable with words. For that relatively short period of her life, aware or not, she can perceive that something greater than her is taking place within. She cannot truly control it, she can only welcome it and observe it in awe. New life is being created within her womb but also in her own soul... whether that child is destined to be born or to live for only a little time within her womb, he is loved beyond words and has changed her very core.

The woodlands, tx maternity session: A windy evening...

How beautiful was this family! So much love that cannot be contained. When Ashley and Ryan hired me to document this very special time in their family, I immediately knew we were meant to meet. So many details of their story reminded me of my own. (One day, if I find the right words, I'll share my own story too...).  I don't believe in coincidences and I felt blessed to witness the fulfillment of a promise they had waited and prayed for.  One particular thing struck me about this maternity session: that very evening a delicate and cool breeze was blowing in the Woodlands, Texas.... Not an element that is usually present during our crazy hot Houston summers. In fact, to tell you the truth, I have been photographing evening sessions all summer and that was the FIRST and ONLY time we had some wind.... As you may know, for us Christians the wind represents the presence of God, the Holy Spirit, source of all life. What a beautiful and special sign for this baby. I can hardly wait to meet him next month!

The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit. - John 3:8

  This is one of my favorite maternity portraits ever! It happened in the last few minutes of our photo session - little Aubree was sitting on her daddy's shoulders and grabbed her Mama's cheeks to kiss her. So perfect... I know they will cherish this image for a long time.

This is one of my favorite maternity portraits ever! It happened in the last few minutes of our photo session - little Aubree was sitting on her daddy's shoulders and grabbed her Mama's cheeks to kiss her. So perfect... I know they will cherish this image for a long time.

If your have not yet booked your family photography session with Ella Heath Photography, contact me today! My Fall calendar is filling up fast!



The Woodlands Family Session: welcome fall!

Another lovely family session in the Woodlands, Texas! Beautiful family, perfect light and adorable twin babies... I could not ask more of life! And did you see these incredible fall colors? Houston's colors never cease to surprise me. I can hardly believe this family portrait session was shot in August. 


It is very important to me that all Ella Heath Photography's clients walk away from their photography session not only with gorgeous portraits to cherish in their home but also a wonderful time as a family. When Brittany and Tony, who you may know as the owners of one of my favorite spas in The Woodlands and Houston, Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa, asked me to photograph their new family of four outdoor in August... I feared the worst for a moment. Texas summer weather (100+ degrees) is not for the faint of heart. I was not quite sure how their sweet babies would respond to our crazy Texas heat - especially so late in the day, past their bedtime. Having a very curious one year old at home,  I also imagined myself sweating like a mad woman while quickly chasing two adorable 10-month old babies crawling in all directions (and don't get me wrong, I love chasing babies under all conditions!). Instead I met two angels, Addie and Jack... deep, quiet, almost ethereal angels. I am always so fascinated by the personality of my little clients. You can understand so much of the children's personality behind a camera... the littlest expressions, the body language, the tiny specks of colors in their big pure eyes. I love all the little details that make them who they are. I love how they look at everything with awe and wonder for the first time. I sometimes wish we could all look at our own life through their innocent eyes...

Here are some of my favorites from this beautiful family session... (click on the image to enlarge).

If your have not yet booked your family photography session with Ella Heath Photography, contact me today! My Fall calendar is filling up fast!

Baby Clothing: Janie & Jack

The Woodlands, TX - BABY Photography: Everly 6 Months Milestone Session

I love the Baby First Year Photo Sessions! It is a one-of-a-kind chance to observe our little ones grow and learn all the first important skills they'll use for life. These first months will pass as quickly as the blink of a eye ( trust me, they do!) and I get to be the one to capture them for you! If your baby is under 6 months and you would like to learn more about the Baby First Year with Ella Heath Photography, contact me today! 

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Ella Heath Photography's Facebook Page has grown to a little over 1,000 fans! Yay!!! To thank you all - my amazing clients, fans and friends - who support my photography journey, here is a special...


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The Woodlands Texas: Borgmeyer Family

What a beautiful family sunset session in the Woodlands, TX. Tracy and Matt initially commissioned me for a lifestyle newborn session in their home a few weeks before their third child, baby Avery, was born. We had to reschedule their photo session a few times but then we decided to shoot the session outside as the beautiful Fall colors were starting to bloom here in the Woodlands, TX. I am so glad we did because, on the day of the session, we found the perfect light! I loved photographing this amazing family. I was captivated by their genuine joy, intimacy and connection. Tracy, wrapped in sunset light, nursing baby Avery is one of my favorite images ever – I have always wanted to offer a “nursing” session and this was unplanned and so beautiful.