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As a Family Photographer, celebrating relationships through art is a mission to me. When I opened Ella Heath Portrait Boutique years ago I promised myself I would create something memorable for husband and wife during each portrait session. During the design phase of my sessions, I always ask my clients when they were last professionally photographed as a couple. Most of the time the answer is "our wedding day" or "before our first child was born"... That answer does not surprise me but it makes me think. We are the Foundation of our families yet we often forget to celebrate our Love outwardly.  As life gets busier, it is especially important to be intentional in how we express ourselves.  A portrait is a visible statement of what is really important to us and a tangible sign of the legacy we leave behind to our children and this world. Our children need these portraits more than we realize!  Coming from a broken family, I still remember how, when at night when I was just five years old, I would hold in my hands a small framed portrait of my parents together... while I had peacefully accepted that my parents would never get back together, I needed to know I came from Love and that love, although transformed, remained in a visible way; that little photograph meant and still means a lot to me.

Again this year, I want to thank our AMAZING clients and wish them a wonderful Valentine's Day. Here are our favorite 2017 couple portraits. To help them win all you have to do is: Sign-up for our Newsletter and vote for your favorite couple by FILLING OUT THE FORM BELOW. Then LIKE our Facebook Page (if you have not already done so) so you can see the announcement on Saturday 02/17/18 at 8pm (Central Time). LAST CHANCE TO VOTE IS Friday 02/16/2018 at midnight (Central Time). 

2018 Valentine Day Contest The Woodlands


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