Summers in Texas can be a little intimidating... The hot and humid weather in Houston is not for the faint of heart! But Houston's weather has its own surprises and in the midst of some 100+ degrees days, we are also blessed with random mild days of cool breeze especially following a rainstorm - the air is fresh, the mist creates an almost magical setting and the landscape's colors are perfect for a photo session! In the past few years, Ella Heath Portrait Boutique had a few incredible summer family photo sessions here in The Woodlands, TX. And when the weather was truly unbearable, we created them in studio. In summer, The Woodlands becomes the perfect place for family gathering: the kids are typically back from college, grandparents visit and it's a wonderful opportunity to get everyone together to create some new family memories.

The Woodlands Family Session


One of my favorite sessions from last summer was the Sharkey Family. Four brothers, all so different, two coming back from Cornell University and two in summer break from John Cooper School. (If you live in The Woodlands, you may recognize them as they all have set some amazing records with their swimming talent). We planned this session at the last minute and almost had to cancel due to a sudden evening rainstorm. The rain did hit us in the middle of the session and at a certain point we were all snuggled under a large tree praying we would not get hit by a lightening... but that made us laugh so hard and we then got some of our favorite family portraits. I really loved photographing this family and I was especially moved by the tears of joy I saw at their ordering appointment (the time when we meet to select and design a wall portrait collection).

Something struck me while I was sitting there with them designing their wall art: the years we have with our children are truly precious and elusive. Sometimes in the midst of our daily routines, it is easy to forget that these years will pass with the blink of an eye. It's easy to focus on the million extracurricular activities, homework, sports, events and our own struggles forgetting that, as parents, we are given this precious window of time to enjoy and raise our children. They are a gift from God to us; we soon learn that we do not own our children but we are stewards of God's creation and are there to accompany them until they can walk on their own. (now excuse me for a second as I break to give my own children a hug...).

The Sharkeys did a wonderful job raising their kids and they are well aware that organizing a family photo session will be more and more difficult as these four young men write their own stories in the world. I am so glad I was there to capture these moments for them and celebrate their family legacy. The session turned exactly as I was hoping: classic, natural, filled with beauty, laughter and light.

If your kids are back home for the summer and you want Ella Heath to create some beautiful family photography for you, do not hesitate to contact us. Although we typically accept a limited number of commissions per month, we know these summer Family Photo Sessions mean the world to you and we will make room in our schedule for your family. 

  (wall portrait mock-up)

(wall portrait mock-up)

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