The Courtney Family: The Woodlands tx Family Photographer

It has been extraordinarily chilly here in  Texas this week! It actually snowed in The Woodlands and all over Houston! It seems like the perfect time for hot cocoa, warm slippers, Trader Joe's snowflakes pasta... and blogging. I have so many wonderful Family Portraits to write about but I'd like to start with one whose Wall Art I have just delivered last week: The Courtney Family!

Family Photo in The Woodlands Texas

fall portrait session: THE WOODLANDS tx, FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER

Jessica contacted me back in September to schedule a Family Photo Session in The Woodlands, TX. As I answered the phone and learned a bit about her, I knew immediately I would love her family.  Her personality, style and vision so much aligned with mine! As a family photographer, I work for families of all sizes, ages and life situations but those who call me to create their very first (in a long time) Family Portrait make my heart sing. Sometimes a family initially calls me thinking of Christmas cards to send to friends & family but as we dive into their story, their values and needs, it is often clear they long for something more: capturing connection and authenticity. They want to celebrate outwardly that strong bond of Love they have with each other in a tangible and visible way: a wall portrait is born... even before the image is printed on canvas, even before I pick up the camera, even before we choose a color palette, a timeless portrait that will outlive us is born within our vision.

One of the things that struck me about this family is how warm and loving they are. I remember asking Ed if there was one image from the past  that was particularly meaningful to him; he pulled out his phone and showed me an old photo of him holding his baby girl; it was the capture of a spontaneous moment and it meant the world to him. That answer determined how I decided to approach their portrait session. While I always create a few "formal" family portraits, my favorites are always those genuine and natural moments in which people are simply themselves. That's where I find Beauty -  authentic and natural beauty. "Every person is a Masterpiece" you see written all over my literature and my studio but I also believe every Family is a masterpiece in itself. The unique relationships, the love-language, the memories and values that make them "them" is so distinctive that they often do not even realize it. Things change ( kids grow, we move, we change jobs and cities, we learn and grow a few gray hairs....) but that Love remains strong and solid, it's our foundation. 

Mother and Daughter laughing in The Woodlands TX
Father and Daughter during photo session in The Woodlands TX
Family reading a book under sunset in The Woodland TX
Couple Kissing and Laughing in The Woodlands TX

Movement was another word I wanted to transmit during this session. I didn't have to create it, I just let it happen. Little L. danced, ran happily under a blanket, swang from a tree branch and then up in the air landing straight in daddy's arms... She is a darling, a special little girl with the biggest heart. She explores and takes-in the world safe and strong in her parent's love... such a joy to photograph her!

Mother and daughter reading a book in a park in The Woodlands Texas
Family Portraits in Sterling Ridge The Woodlands TX
Little Ballerina Dancing during a Photo session in The Woodlands TX
Father and Daughter having a blast in The Woodlands TX
Fun Family Photo session in a park in The Woodlands
Photography of a little girl in The Woodlands TX
Black & white photograph of a girl in The Woodlands TX
portraits in the living-room The Woodlands TX.jpg

Dear Courtney Family, thank You! I feel blessed I got to know your family and create these portraits for your home. I hope you'll always cherish them! I look forward to capturing many other chapters of your life! xo